Back in a Bit

The Des effect

First, he was the most respected and recognisable figure in British sports journalism. Then he made a few bob by moving from Auntie to ITV and became their top sports anchorman. He’s brought us a warm tone, well-maintained moustache, and expert delivery of sports news for as long as anyone can remember, with lines such as ’Going down to the pub is not yet an Olympic sport, but beach volleyball is’. Now, the right-honourable Desmond Lynam has become an accredited internet expert—and presents MSN equipped with only a cup of tea and warm pullover. Is there anything this man cannot do? If I were Jakob Nielsen, I’d be shitting myself…

(Mo takes a few moments to compose himself after hysterical laughter induced by the words ’Hello there. I’m Des Lynam’.) Dear me. Good old Des. If I really needed to be patronised by MSN, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have do it. Except possibly Terry Wogan.

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