Back in a Bit

The Colour Bookmark

Drag the Colour Bookmark link to your toolbar to find out the colour palette of the website you’re currently on. Then simply: copy, paste and use the colours you choose. Alternatively, enter a website into the form to retrieve its colour palette.

How to innovate like a startup: use these tools

Here are some paragraphs the enduring constructs / frameworks / brain tools that I keep referencing from the worlds of business, design and tech. Each one is that awesome combination of simple and easy to understand, hugely deep and investigable if that’s your thing, and massively extensible and flexible. Figuring out how and when to mix them together is the key to creating enduring products, services and businesses. When mixed together right, these tools help teams innovate quicker, better and cheaper.

CSS Lint is Harmful

In short: don’t blindly follow the crap these tools tell you. Chances are very high you’ll do yourself more harm than good, ending up with harder to maintain, bloated code, with nary a change in how fast your site feels.