Back in a Bit

By association

I used to be a drummer. The definition of a drummer is someone who hangs around with musicians.
I am a web developer. The definition of a web developer is someone who hangs around with computer people.

The good thing about being a web developer is that you’ve always got an expert friend on the end of the phone. No matter what your computer-related query may be, you can always find someone in your Palm who knows everything about it. In the very early hours of this morning, I made such a call to a friend about my ex-hard drive—to establish the cause of death. This particular friend understands such matters right down to the movement of electrons, so seemed the most suitable candidate for this query. Having taken the expired unit off my hands, he called me to explain the cause of the problem: Microsoft. That’s right, folks, any other OS maker you care to mention will be more than happy to format and run on the aforementioned ’dead’ drive. I am therefore planning to plug the thing back in and set up my machine in dual boot—one half Windows and the other Unix. With that in mind, read this disclaimer shown to people about to download the beta of IE6. Does it not seem more appropriate that all Microsoft products, beta or otherwise, should carry this warning?

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