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Meet the Pseudo Class Selectors

Pseudo class selectors CSS selectors with a colon preceding them. You are probably very familiar with a few of them. They are immensely useful in a variety of situations. Some of them are CSS3, some CSS2… it depends on each particular one. Outside of IE, they have great browser support. In IE land, even IE8, support is pretty barren. However, the IE9 preview has full support of them. The link-related ones work but not much else. Let’s take a brief look at each one of them. Don’t worry, there isn’t that many.

CSS Lint is Harmful

In short: don’t blindly follow the crap these tools tell you. Chances are very high you’ll do yourself more harm than good, ending up with harder to maintain, bloated code, with nary a change in how fast your site feels.

Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Power achieves key milestone

The Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Power plant near Seville, Spain, has achieved a full 24 hours of solar power production one month after starting commercial operation. The 19.9 MW plant uses a huge array of mirrors to heat a molten salt storage system in the central tower which is then used to run steam turbines, resulting in the ability to continue energy production after the sun goes down.

Solar Ivy Modular PV System

Solar Ivy is a modular and customizable photovoltaic product with a wide range of applications. The ‘leaf’ is roughly the size of a cantaloupe with a thin-film photovoltaic panel adhered to it. Customers can choose either an organic photovoltaic panel, which is completely recyclable, contains no toxic materials, and costs about $18 per watt, or a CIGS panel, which is the most efficient type of thin-film on the market and costs roughly $9 per watt. After selecting a PV type, customers can choose the leaf’s color shape depending on how they want the system to look when integrated into their project.