Back in a Bit

The burning question

People who live in glass houses:

  • are hopeless romantics
  • make good tomato farmers
  • are the single biggest cause of Attention Deficit Disorder in the south-east

16 Feb 2007

The burning question

Love and marriage go together like:

  • a horse and glue
  • ice-cream and the pavement
  • coal and suet

9 Feb 2007

The burning question

The best cure for rising damp is:

  • stilettos
  • renting the flat upstairs
  • rain

2 Feb 2007

Shopping mall

How are we, the British, expected to pronounce the above? Should it be mawl? Should it be mal? Both of these seem to make us self-concious.

It seems television may hold the answer: news anchors and the like seem to be settling upon a pronunciation apparently sympathetic to our American friends: marhl. It rhymes with Carl and Roald Dahl, and it seems like a fairly good compromise. This is how all the oddities of language begin.

Of course, television is not to be trusted. For example, the BBC have standardised on the pronunciation of CONtroversy, whereas Sky are going with conTROVersy. So who knows?