Back in a Bit

The burning question

Give me somewhere to stand and I shall:

  • move the earth
  • become a fire-hazard
  • ask directions from there

26 Jan 2007

The motorist, continued

Unless the forthcoming incarnation of the Vauxhall Corsa is significantly better than the current one, you have to wonder about the true criteria for the title of Car of the Year. The one I drove screamed “I was built to a budget!”. It certainly was quiet, as long as you left it idling out of gear and didn’t attempt to drive anywhere. Unladen, it needed over 4000RPM to do 70MPH in favourable conditions. It found every imperfection of the road surface and rammed it into your lower neck. After three hours of motorway driving, it left me with muscular pains in my thighs for four days. Thank goodness I don’t have to drive it anymore.

I’ve driven a fair few cars, some of which I’ve reported upon before. There are now a few more to add to that list, as follows:

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The burning question

Data collected from surveys is often inconclusive and manipulatable to suit a predetermined agenda because:

  • don’t know
  • no preference
  • not applicable

19 Jan 2007

How do you know if your IT department is any good?

I’m an IT Manager. I usually work with start-up companies, usually from their first year onwards. It’s not uncommon for people in my circumstances to find themselves starting out as head of a team of one or two, and then concentrating their efforts on successful expansion through investment in systems and people.

The IT Manager in a firm usually reports to and advises the board on all things technical, but how are the board to know whether or not what they hear from their own technical team is in any way right for them?

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The burning question

If you’re happy and you know it:

  • clap your hands
  • stamp your feet
  • then you’re missing the point

12 Jan 2007

The burning question

Given three choices, the best thing to do is:

  • answer honestly
  • pick the silly one
  • abstain from voting

5 Jan 2007

After the crash

“In the first year of driving, one driver in five is involved in an accident

That nugget of wisdom comes straight from the Driving Standards Agency, and they should know. Were the world more symmetrical, four other new drivers would sleep a little easier tonight.

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