Back in a Bit


When health and safety goes too far: the BBC reports not being allowed to play games such as tag because of saftey fears. Jolly good show—we can’t have the little darlings hurting themselves, can we? We really should wrap them all in cotton wool. Better yet, why not seal them in air-tight containers?

31 Jul 2002


My computers tell me it’s thirty-two degrees in here today. My computers also inform me that they would prefer not to be running when it’s thirty-two degrees. At last, something upon which we agree.

28 Jul 2002


Reading though the changes made to my life insurance policy that were posted to me today, I notice that I’m no longer covered for “losses stemming from nuclear, biological or chemical hazards”.

25 Jul 2002

Bloody stupid idea

Tom has done a sterling job of outlining his concerns with the aforementioned bloody stupid idea. While some of the points don’t apply to me and my reasons for not involving myself with the competition, he’s raising interesting and solid points. I admire people who are prepared to stand by their beliefs.

19 Jul 2002