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London Prepared

This site tells you about how London is checking that all its plans and procedures can stand up to any type of threat. It aims to give the latest news and information by signposting all frontline organisations.

Since 11 September London’s key organisations have been working closely together to make sure all their contingency plans are robust, up-to-date and fit well together across the capital.


On the subject of new stuff, here’s another little gem that washed up in the referrer logs. It’s not often that I find new and interesting sites in this way, so I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Also, despite being just another great long list of recently-updated weblogs, has to win best URL of the day.

27 Jan 2002

My kind of town

Q. What have these sites got in common?
A Life Uncommon
No Commercial Potential
Patrick King

A. (times three) Although I’ve been aware of them for a while, I’ve only started following them relatively recently.
They’re currently my sites of choice, practically over and above all others.
I believe they’re all coming out of Chicago. There must be something in the water.

6 Jan 2002


So the Public Records Office launched the 1901 Census on the web, so that people could look up family members of former residents of their properties and so forth. Then, lots of people went to the site to look up family members of former residents of their properties and so forth. When I say lots, I mean far more than was anticipated and, while the site is there and quite well publicised, the service is overloaded and so the site doesn’t work. Ah well—at least the thought was there.

3 Jan 2002