Back in a Bit

Not too grim

The trouble about going up north is that it makes you realise how horrible people are in the south. Northern hospitality is extreme—we were invited to stay the night in a way that does not allow you to decline. In fact, the more you politely protest, the more they insist. We did manage to take them out for a meal and discuss the old days—wonderful and engaging stories about fighting civil servants, digging holes and breaking Land Rovers. Guy Richie eat your heart out.

27 Feb 2001

Import and export

There’s been plenty of news coverage about the shortage of teachers in this country, and the government’s strategy of bringing in Australian teachers to fill the gaps. That strikes me as a sensible short-term solution. However, spare a thought for the Malaysian government, who hare having to tackle a much more pressing shortage. They’re importing hairdressers. This reminds me of the best man’s speech at my brothers wedding, which started with something like: “when he was born, his parents were very upset. They were hoping for a boy. Or a girl—just not a hairdresser…”.

Also in the morning’s news, how many members of Doncaster Council does it take to change a light bulb? And Radio One enjoys its new schedule with a website relaunch. Sadly, much in keeping with the changes in programming, they’ve just taken the old concept and rounded the corners.


I’m still chuckling about that email yesterday.

12 Feb 2001

Attack of the clones

Clear evidence that human cloning trials have already taken place: The Weakest Link finally breaks out in Australia—hosted by a woman who looks more like Anne Robinson than Anne Robinson. On that subject, die-hard fans of the show must indulge the opportunity to own that infamous catchphrase—available in MP3 and Real.

7 Feb 2001

Fake plastic cows

What could possibly be better than the infamous concrete cows of which Milton Keynes is so proud? I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves that question before now. Well, here’s the answer: London is to get it’s own set of artificial cows, this time made of fibre-glass. This is what happens when Glastonbury gets cancelled.