Back in a Bit

Going underground

As a general rule, I try to avoid blogging stuff that other people have published already. This rule is broken only if it’s groundbreakingly significant, or if I can add something to it. On that note, I apply the latter: Catherine found us some glorious variations of the London tube map, specifically one showing the relative geographic locations of the lines and stations. Then, Dan wondered why London Underground generally used schematic versions of the map—particularly as the geographic ones are really not that difficult to comprehend. As far as my reliable sources have led me to believe, the answer is security—London Underground would prefer it if people didn’t know where everything actually was. This became gospel during the frequent bomb attacks on the British public transport network, particularly in the capital, by the IRA during the Eighties. There now, you can all sleep a little easier.

On the down

A List Apart today presents a special issue, tackling the issue of the dot-com decline and its effect on the web development community. Today’s publication makes superb and interesting reading, and the site welcomes your comments and discussion.

20 Jan 2001


If, like me, you’re growing tired of StorTroopers, you may enjoy the Face Generator. Marcia provides us with the opportunity to reap revenge on the cute little cartoons. Also, Dave-o would like to point you in the direction of the Ape-licator. Now let’s stop all this cute nonsense and get back to work.

Fufme slowly

It must be a spoof. It must be. It is. Isn’t it? Slightly more useful—probably the finest WhoIs lookup facility found to date. Not only fast, but comprehensive.


Real news in an unreal world—CNN reports on a giant tuna that sold for over a hundred and seventy thousand dollars. I kid you not. Also discovered, a scary website all about Mr Winkle. Despite it’s title, I can promise you that this is not p*rn.

Also, here’s a letter I wish I had written a fortnight ago. It makes you wonder what the recipients reaction was—disappointment or relief…

12 Jan 2001


You shouldn’t laugh—the BBC reports on the sheep that turned. Also, there should be a new section of F*cked Company that caters for people like—why not call it ’Am I Going Bust Or Not?’. I have trouble understanding stories such as these. When I went out to found a dot com (not this one), the bank said ’where’s your business model?’. I showed them the business model, and they told me to get lost. I then made a few minor alterations and went to another bank, who also said ’where’s your business model?’. It took seven redrafts for them to be as confident as I was with the idea, and only then would they show me the money. Was it only me that was queried like this? Do the investors not check business models for everybody? I never went bust…